Warranty & returns


You have a period of 14 days after receiving the product to return it. Ventisit may ask you about the reason for the withdrawal but you are not required to give one.

Once you’ve started the return procedure you have 14 days to send it. The product can only be returned if it’s not been used and preferably in the original packaging.

This right applies to all our standard products listed on the website. This does not apply to the custom made pads/ models.

The costs for returning an order are for the customer.
We will credit your payment within 14 days.

You can use this form for Withdrawal.

The Entrepreneur shall reimburse all payments made by the Consumer,  including any delivery costs that the Consumer may charge for the returned  product, as soon as possible but within 14 days following the day on which  the Consumer notified him of the withdrawal. Unless the Entrepreneur offers  to collect the product himself, he can wait with paying back until having received the product or until the Consumer proved that he returned the product, whichever occurs first. The Entrepreneur shall make use of the same means of payment that the  Consumer used, unless the Consumer consents to another method. The  reimbursement is free of charge for the Consumer.


On all our products the statutory warranty applies. That means that a product does what the consumer (you) can expect (in all reasonableness) of it.

Our warranty is 2 years for discoloration and wear. In case of warranty, we ensure for possible repairs, replacement of the product or a refund the purchase price. Of course, the warranty conditions apply only for normal (non-professional) use.