Always cool and dry

Excessive perspiration even with the slightest effort is a thing of the past with Ventisit. As a result of Ventisit’s open structure, an air layer is formed between you and the seat. You are literally lifted 2 of 3 cm off your seat. You couldn’t wish for a better ventilation. To ensure that the ventilation is optimal, it is essential not to close off the sides with covers and/or clothes.

For indoor and outdoor use

The world’s best ventilating cushion is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is water permeable and dries very fast whether it’s for the seat, or as a backrest or a one piece combination of both. Deliverable for items including cargo bicycles, hand carts, mobility scooters, cars, lorries, busses etc.

Securing your cushion

A Ventisit seat cushion is firm and stable on nearly all sorts of surface due to the anti-slip coating on the underside. The cushion does not need to be further secured on most surfaces. If required you can easily secure your Ventisit with plastic tie wraps or nylon straps (art nr 9006, 9007, 9008). Our cargo bike cushions are delivered with a standard back to back Velcro attachment for securing in place.
On request, all Ventisit seat cushions can be supplied with this back to back Velcro or with a Velcro attachment on the underside (as are standardly used with the majority of recumbent cushions). Please contact us for the available possibilities.

Dry fast

As a Ventisit cushion is fast drying and does not absorb moisture, you can leave it outside. This is ideal for children’s transport (e.g cargo bike). It is not necessary to remove it in case of rain and simply necessary to shake it out after a rain shower. The Ventisit seat cushion does not absorb any perspiration meaning it remains odor free.

Level of comfort

The level of seating comfort is largely determined by the surface. The Ventisit cushion is a firm, stable cushion and creates an air layer between you and the seat. A soft surface (e.g a car seat) will give a softer seating than a hard surface (e.g a cargo bike) which will give a firm seating. For softer surfaces (cushion), the use of a (2 cm thickness) Classic variation is often adequate. All models are also deliverable in a (3 cm thickness) Comfort variation.

Years of pleasure

Ventisit cushions are hard wearing and do not lose their density with use. They do not absorb moisture, are UV insensitive, odor free and color fast (only available in black). Your seat cushion is easy to clean and it’s appearance will remain good even after years of intensive use. In general Ventisit cushions do not require any maintenance. Dirt can be removed by patting or shaking out the cushion or if necessary rinsing it with water from a hose or pressure sprayer. You can hand or machine wash (up to 40°C ) but this is not really necessary.