Optimal ventilation

As a result of the open structure of Ventisit, an air layer exists between your back and the seat. To get optimal ventilation the Ventisit should not be totally closed in. It is better if the seat pad is slightly longer or bigger than the seating area needed and not closed off by covers and/or clothing. Even when using on a mesh seat, the level of comfort will increase. It will give better ventilation and extra suspension and ensure that you no longer feel the side supports of the seat area.

Always stable

Ventisit is a firm and stable seat pad. The standard anti-slip coating on the underside ensures a strong grip on nearly all types of surface. The seat pads for hard sittings (carbon/polyester) are fitted with a standard Velcro attachment. The Ventisit seat pads intended for mesh seats or soft surfaces (cushions) will stay in place without a problem during use. A Ventisit can also be easily secured with plastic tie wraps or nylon straps (art nr 9006, 9007, 9008) if required.

Maintenance free for many years

The product is very hard wearing, does not absorb moisture, is UV insensitive, odor free, color fast (only available in black) and stays looking good for many years. It’s also easy to clean.
Ventisit does not normally need any maintenance. Any dirt can be removed by patting and shaking out the seat pad or if necessary rinsing it with water or a hose. You can also wash the product (by hand or machine up to 40 °C) but it is not really ever necessary.

Comfort level

The level of comfort when seated is determined by the type of recumbent bicycle, the exact size and model of the seat and the thickness of the Ventisit seat pad. The seat pads are available in 2cm and 3cm variations, the Classic and the Comfort. The Comfort variation will of course provide more comfort due to the extra resilience and better ventilation. Ventisit seat pads are normally thicker than other seat pads for recumbent bicycles and will not lose their density through use. This can influence the level of seating comfort but your seat can feel somewhat smaller if you change seat pads. Ventisit can feel a little rough on bare skin.

Dry fast

Due to the fact that Ventisit dries very fast and does not absorb moisture, you can simply leave it on your recumbent bicycle. Removing it in case of rainfall is not necessary and all you need to do is shake it out after a rain shower. The Ventisit seat pad does not absorb any perspiration so it remains odor free.

The correct model and size

A correct fitting Ventisit seat pad is very important for the desired comfort level, proper functioning and appearance. Use our search function in the webshop and check the measurements before you order. Measure the length of your seat with a tape measure following the contours of the uncovered seat. A Ventisit works better if the seat pad is not too short and most models are therefore 1 to 2 cm longer than the seat.

If the model you are looking for is not present, then please enquire about other possibilities. We can make made-to-measure seat pads. If in doubt, please contact us before ordering.