Countless applications

Surprisingly versatile

Countless applications

A selection of the many applications for our cushions: cargo bikes, recumbents, garden chairs, the catering industry, boats, canoes, cars, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, office chairs, lorries, rowing boats, shower seats, go-carts, camping gear, rucksacks, motorbikes etc. In addition to our approximately 200 standard models available, we also make made-to-measure seat cushions (for an extra cost)

Hand-made and socially responsible

Since beginning our business in 2003, we have always believed in corporate social responsibility. Our hand made products are produced locally with great care. Our cushions are developed together with their users. They are easy to adapt to individual sizes and wishes. If you can’t find what you are looking for then get in touch with us!

Ventisit – a well-known favorite for more than 15 years

The ventilation provided by our seat pads is second to none and well known as the world’s best ventilating cushion. Excessive perspiration, even with minimal effort, is a thing of the past with Ventisit. The seat pad provides a dry, comfortable, stable and firm seat. A blessing for your back!

A large selection of models

We offer more than 100 different models and sizes for recumbent bicycles which are available worldwide at over 150 sales outlets. Order your Ventisit via the website, our sales outlets or at your own bicycle dealer.


You can’t go wrong with Ventisit

Ventisit is the ideal cushion for transporting both children and adults, for indoor and outdoor use. It will always give you a more comfortable and dry seat. Designed with the driver, co-driver or passengers in mind and especially handy if you share your seat with others in your profession.

A variety of sizes available

A correct fitting Ventisit cushion is very important for the desired level of comfort, proper functioning and appearance. In the web shop you can find models according to their length. Compare the size you are looking for with the models in the shop. If you cannot the model you are looking for then please look under all models. If you still cannot find it then please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.


Ideal for catering businesses and private use

Every catering entrepreneur knows the problem of changeable weather. Yet what could be easier than simply leaving the cushions outside (on the terrace etc) allowing you more time to focus solely on the customers. Using Ventisit means you can do just that.

Years of convenience

The produce is hard wearing, does not absorb moisture or go mouldy, is UV resistant, odor free, color fast (only available in black) and keeps it’s good appearance even after years of use. Ventisit requires hardly any maintenance. Dirt can be removed by patting or shaking out the cushion or if necessary rinsing it with water (hose) or with a pressure sprayer. You can also wash them (hand or machine up to 40 °C) but this is really not necessary.

Outdoor & garden

Ventisit as travelling companion

Recreation and Ventisit go well together wherever you need more ease and comfort to sit. Ventisit is the ideal seat cushion, not only for people who enjoy sport and need to have a ventilated seat but also those who enjoy water sports in general.

Cool and warm

As a result of the air layer between you and the seat, Ventisit seat cushions feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You always have a cool and dry seat. Ventisit ventilates and insulates like no other!


Always cool and dry

Excessive perspiration even with the slightest effort is a thing of the past with Ventisit. As a result of Ventisit’s open structure, an air layer is formed between you and the seat. You are literally lifted 2 of 3 cm off your seat. You couldn’t wish for a better ventilation. To ensure that the ventilation is optimal, it is essential not to close off the sides with covers and/or clothes.

For indoors and outdoors

The world’s best ventilating seat cushion can be left outside without problem. It’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It’s water permeable and dries in rapid time. You can get cushions to sit on, as a backrest or a combination of both made in one piece.