The world’s best ventilating cushion

Designed for optimum comfort

What are Ventisit cushions?
Ventisit cushions are made with a three-dimensional knitted polyester yarn. The resulting open structure provides for an optimal ventilation. The cushions are comfortable and have a clearly evident yet not overly soft suspension ensuring you sit in a firm and stable manner

Cool and dry
Excessive heat and perspiration patches can be bothersome when sitting, moving or taking part in a sport. This is no longer a problem with a Ventisit seat cushion. Ventisit is not called the world’s best ventilating cushion for nothing and always keeps you cool and dry.

Optimum ventilation

Cool and warm

Ventilation is optimal as a result of the open structure of our material and the cushion always feels pleasant to sit on. This is due to the layer of air between you and the seat ensuring that your seat stays cooler in the summer time but warmer in colder weather.

Summer and winter

Rain can fall at any time and that’s why Ventisit cushions are made to dry fast. Pat or shake out the moisture and they will dry even quicker. The material does not absorb moisture making Ventisit the ideal outdoor cushion both in summer as well as during winter.

Firm and durable

Comfortable and stable

The level of seat comfort that the cushion will provide is dependent on the surface where it is placed. Every Ventisit has an anti-slip coating underneath which ensures for a good grip and optimal support. Drysit (right on the photo) has been applied with a PU coating (anti-slip) for optimal stability and an extra firm seat.

Durable and user-friendly

Ventisit cushions will not go mouldy, are UV resistant, odor free, color fast (only available in black) and are easy to clean. The material is hard wearing and only a handful of our customers have needed a replacement since we first started in 2003.

Surprisingly versatile

Standard applications and custom made

A selection of the many possible applications include seat cushions for cargo bikes, recumbent bikes, garden chairs, the catering industry, boats, canoes, cars, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, office chairs, lorry seats, rowing boats, shower seats, go-carts, camping gear, rucksacks, motorbikes etc. We are also able to deliver made-to-measure cushions in addition to the 200 plus standard models already available in our range.

Hand-made and socially responsible

Since beginning our business in 2003, we have always believed in corporate social responsibility. Our hand made products are produced locally with great care. We also employ people with poor employment prospects to assist us. We consider our products to be durable due to their longevity. They will generally last a lifetime if solely for private use.