Cool in the summer and warm in the winter

Always provides a cool and dry seat and nothing ventilates quite like it!

Level of comfort

You always sit comfortably and firmly on a Ventisit cushion. The comfort is determined by the thickness of the cushion and the type of surface. Ventisit cushions are made from a three dimensional knitted polyester yarn. The resulting open structure provides an optimal ventilation with a clearly evident yet not overly soft suspension . Available in two variations: Comfort (3 cm thickness) and Classic (2 cm thickness). Ventisit can feel a little rough against bare skin.

Securing your cushion

Ventisit is firm and stable on nearly all sorts of surface due to the anti-slip coating on the underside. The cushion does not need to be further secured on most surfaces. If required you can easily secure your Ventisit with plastic tie wraps or nylon straps (art nr 9006, 9007, 9008). All Ventisit cushions can be delivered on request with a Velcro attachment on the underside (as are standardly used on the recumbent bicycle cushions).

Dry fast

As a Ventisit cushion is fast drying and does not absorb moisture (it is water permeable) you can simply leave it outside. It is not necessary to bring it inside in case of rain. Shaking it out after a rain shower is all that is needed so that you can sit on a dry seat again. It’s ideal for outside use.

Store even when wet

The big advantage is not only being able to leave the cushions outside but also that they can be stored even when wet. They will not go mouldy and dry quickly.

Many shapes and sizes

A correct fitting Ventisit cushion is very important for the desired level of comfort, proper functioning and appearance. This is not just the case for chairs on a terrace but also for benches and other terrace/garden furniture. As well as our standard models, we also provide made-to-measure cushions.

Intensive use

Experience has proved that Ventisit seat cushions have a long lifetime in all weather conditions. Many catering and tour boat businesses have years of experience with our product. Find out about what’s possible and/or to ask about references.