Manual transport

  • As a result of the open structure of the Ventisit, there is a layer of air between your back and the seat.

    For optimal ventilation the Ventisit must not be covered. It is best if the Ventisit is slightly longer and/or bigger than the seat and that the sides are not covered by materials and/or clothes. Openings in the seat or a mesh seat will increase the ventilation capacity even further.
  • The comfort level is, among other things, determined by the thickness of the Ventisit and the surface under it. The comfort version has slightly more suspension than the classic version and there is a larger air layer running between your back and the seat.
    The Ventisit can be used for both the seat and back rest or as both together.

    The Ventisit does not damage clothing, but can feel a little rough on bare skin.

  • You can choose which Ventisit fits you best because the Ventisit comes in two variations:
    •  Classic - 2cm thick - 30% lighter in weight than the comfort.
    •  Comfort - 3cm thick - more comfort because of the greater suspension and increased ventilation.

    The difference between a classic and a comfort is the extra inner layer of the same material.
  • All our cushions have an anti-slip layer. This PU-rubber coating on the bottom surface creates a firm grip on nearly every surface.
    The cushions stay perfectly in place because of their anti-slip layer on the bottom surface.

    If desired, you can also secure the Ventisit with extra plastic tie-wraps or with our nylon strap (SKU 9006)
  • To prevent your Ventisit from blowing away during transport or from someone accidentally taking it while you are not sitting on it, it's best to secure the Ventisit with two or more standard plastic tie-wraps or with our nylon strap (SKU 9006)
  • The material does not absorb moisture and you only need to shake it out after a rain shower. 
Furthermore, the Ventisit does not absorb perspiration ensuring that the cushion stays odour free.
  • A well fitted Ventisit is very important for the desired level of comfort, proper functioning and to look good.


Measure the length of your seat with a tape measure following the contours of the seat. A Ventisit works better if the cushion is not too short or too small. This way you will get the best fitting Ventisit.


When in doubt, please feel free to contact us before placing your order.

  • The durability of the cushions is dependant on the intensity of their use. Experience tells us that our cushions last a lot longer than other cushions.

    Ventisit has been in production since 2003 and so far only a handful of cushions have needed replacement.

    The cushions are weatherproof, colour fast and with normal use will last for many years.

  • Ventisit cushions normally do not require any maintenance.


Dirt can be removed simply by shaking out the Ventisit or if necessary can be rinsed with water or a pressure hose.

    Washing is also possible but is never really necessary. (Hand or machine up to 40 ˚C)

  • If you are unable to find your desired model, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    In many cases we can help you to find the model that most suits your requirements and if this really isn't possible then a custom size model can be made for an additional charge.